Happy November, Happy Job Hunting

Irony at it’s best – on Monday morning I was gushing gratitude over my job. I LOVE it, love the company and love my boss.  I was notified at lunchtime that the department and my position were being eliminated.  What?!?!  I’m being laid off? NOOOOOOO!!!!!

I’m so bummed out, I really do love my job.  I’ve learned so much and feel like I’m not done yet.  We haven’t had nearly enough time to see our product launch through to completion and that really, really makes me feel like I’m only half finished.  But it is what it is I suppose.  I know my boss has been working diligently on our behalf to get more time.

So it’s back to job hunting I go, time to update the old resume and hit the road again.

My prayer is that I can work for another company that I’m just as passionate about, in a position I love for the best boss.  Oh and I’d really like to telecommute too 🙂