Gratitude Journal – Ack!

OK, I really get uncomfortable with “gratitude” journals.  The end result is always great but I feel like a little kid being forced to be grateful for what I have.  It’s like when your mother tells you to clean your plate because there are starving Pygmys in New Guinea – it just make my hackles rise a bit and brings out the rebellious teenager.

With that being said I’ve committed to 30 days of “Gratitude”.  It’s probably pretty good timing since I’ve been a bit of a SNOT around the house lately.  I’m sure the boys would appreciate an attitude change from me.

Without further adieu:photo

1) I’m so GRATEFUL for my job and that I get to work from home;

2) I’m so GRATEFUL I don’t have to drive to work…or anywhere…in the FOG.  It is FOG-tober in the Willamette Valley;

3) I’m Grateful that I have an understanding husband who mostly puts up and even supports my “weirdness”.



Four Week Jump Start to Thanksgiving

1545673_10205461169034016_7112035102851010736_nI don’t know about you but I DO NOT want to gain weight over the holidays and I refuse to start 2015 weighing more than I did in 2014.  With that in mind here are the steps I’m taking to get things under control BEFORE the holidays get here:

1) Joined and wagered $30 that I could close 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

2) Following Neghar Fonooni and her #fallfreedom challenge for added inspiration and support,

3) Following my favorite ladies at the Red Carpet Ready Club Facebook page for support, love and inspiration. I’ve been with Valerie and her girls since the inception of the club in 2008 and we are family;

4) Eating intentionally for NUTRITION not for “dieting”.  I will eat foods that will nourish my body;

5) I will schedule my workout time daily and consider it an appointment that can’t be missed, kind of like a hair appointment, I would NEVER miss one of those.

What steps will you take?

Opps…it happened again.

We are well Silver Falls.jpginto fall, I’ve had my new job for almost 6 months and I still pinch myself, yep it’s real.  I LOVE my job but I’m finding that I spend all my time on it.  I have all but given up working out and food was so much simpler when I didn’t work at home, if I didn’t take it with me then I didn’t eat it – simple!

So over the past few months I’ve packed on a handful of pounds, about 5-7, that I’d like to shed again.  I’m bummed and embarrassed about it but glad that I’m catching it before it becomes TWO handfuls of pounds to lose.

I thought it would be easy working from home, and it is in many ways. The fact that I no longer have a 50 mile a day round trip is so AWESOME. I thought it would free me up some – ha!!!  I’m busier now than I used to be and getting me to leave the house for any reason is almost impossible.

Juggling work and family didn’t get any easier and I still put myself last behind the two.  I decided that needs to stop.  I need to take at least 30-45 minutes a day for just me.

Starting tomorrow I will begin to schedule “me” time.  I will get out of my head for a little each day and work towards de-stressing a bit through physical activity.

I do look forward to the day where this is all on autopilot.  I’ll have my workouts dialed in, my food will be good and I’ll be a peaceful, contented, confident person…until then…well I’ll just keep plugging away and keep trying.  Practice makes perfect.

On a positive note: I went for a mini hike with all my boys, 6 miles and about 6 waterfalls – that was good for the soul.  I need to work more of those days into my life.

Where to begin? Life is flying by

As quoted by a dear friend…”God is opening doors faster than I can fly through them”.  I have had so many doors fly open lately and wow, all I can say is WOW!!!Rumba Half Full

The easiest announcement is that I’m a finalist in the 19th Turbulence Transformation Contest, in the Pro Category.  My good friend and fellow Marine Mom, Robin Goins is also a finalist in the Over 40 Division.  I “coached” her a little bit and I’m so PROUD of her.  You can vote here:  Transformation Contest

The harder announcement is that I am leaving Cubanisimo Vineyards later this week.  I have been the Operations and Marketing Manager for over 3 years and leaving feels a little like leaving home, it will be bittersweet for sure.

Drumroll Please:  I’m leaving  the vineyard for a position at BioTrust Nutrition.  I will be the Direct Response Retail Marketing Manager.  It’s a terrific promotion AND I get to telecommute which will be AWESOME!!!

Ever since I won the Turbulence Training and BioTrust Transformations Contests back in December I felt like God was leading me in a new direction, one within the health and fitness genre.  I had no idea how or when it would come about, I just knew it wouldn’t be as a personal trainer.  This came about so suddenly that it was clearly a gift from God.  I found out about the position on April 1st (April Fools Day – nice!!), I interviewed on 4/4 and 4/7, was offered the position on 4/8 and I start on the 28th.  It’s been a whirlwind as I had to hire my replacement and begin training her this week.  I’l have about 1 business day off between positions.  I’ll be starting on Monday and then fly to San Diego on Tuesday – whirlwind….

I’m so super excited for this opportunity and can not wait to see where God is leading me.

Help! I have Diet Plan ADD

Well if you know me or you’ve read my blog you’ll see thatI have Diet Plan ADD.  I just can’t choose one…and you know what?  I’m OK with that.  Life is to be lived and that doesn’t mean fitting into a “Plan” for me.  I’m happy choosing a different plan every couple of weeks, as long as my calories are in check then I’m good to go.

With that being said I’ve stumbled across a diet plan that is pretty cool because it’s a) doable, 2) easy to follow & 3) has a pick and choose meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I love that it’s not so highly structured and allows the person to make their own choices.  In my opinion, this is how you learn to make the healthy choices you need to have any sustainable weight loss.  Diet plan that include eating pre-packaged meals out of boxes are not sustainable let alone healthy.

Shawna Kaminski is a mom, over 50 years old and has the most ripped abs I’ve ever seen and she’s pretty cool too. Check out her eating plan called The 21 Day Challenge.  The challenge her is with yourself, challenging yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.  Her Facebook page is on fire and she’s there to answer questions on a daily basis – very interactive and helpful.

Check it out if you’re looking for a plan that easy to follow and right on target for fat loss.


Inspiring?? ME?!?!?!



I woke up this morning to a wonderful message on Facebook about ME being a inspiration:

I just have to share with you Jenelle. You really inspired me to change my eating and exercise ways. I’m 5’11 and can usually “hide” my weight, well I was hating the way I felt, the way my clothes were fitting and the way I felt in general. I started a program in January, Advocare It was a 24 Day Challenge. I have never slept better, felt better, love the way my clothes are feeling, etc. It’s been really easy and I don’t miss a thing about what I was eating (or drinking) before. I’ve lost 21 pounds and I’m shooting for up to 15 more. I’ve added T25 Exercise too! Feeling great, so thank you!

When I started this particular journey 5 months ago I started it so “I” would look and feel better.  I didn’t expect to become and “inspiration”.  I though maybe my family would jump on board but that’s about it.

I’m flattered but also feeling a little like Peter Parker about now “with great power comes great responsibility”.  I’m humbled by the praise and hope to continue this path I’m on, to continue inspiring.

Oh Bittersweet Vacation

So we took a little jaunt to Cabo for the weekend…during the biggest snowstorm to hit the PNW since 2008.  Good timing?  Yes except the teenager stayed home to hold down the farm so I had a bit of anxiety being in s different country and all.

Cabo really is beautiful this time of year, in a stark, brown, rocky kind of way and I thoroughly enjoyed being nearly naked next to a pool with an unlimited supply of fruity, girly drinks in my hand.  Yes life is good!!


But we did have to return to the land of the “make a living”.  I can still fell the sand on my feet and the tan hasn’t faded1898123_10203637698648396_751995515_n yet…