My Fitness Plan

BA-1st-JenelleFordMany people have asked  “how did you go from a size 12 to a size 6 in 12 weeks? What exactly did you do?”   Following you’ll find the exact fitness plan, equipment and supplements I used to lose almost 28 pounds and almost 40″ overall in 12 weeks.

I will not lie and say it was easy, it WAS NOT.  It required HARD work.  I sweated, I cursed, I backed out of social situations, I made hard choices BUT I wanted it bad enough that all the hard work was worth it.

First off – no excuses!!!   I worked out at home, I don’t have a gym membership and haven’t for years.  I chose a workout plan that worked for my situation and that eliminated ONE excuse – trust me, there were many, many excuses 🙂

Fitness Plan:  Turbulence Training 2.0   I followed the plan EXACTLY.  I worked out 3 times a week for 30 minutes (ok you got me, maybe a couple of the workouts stretched to 34 minutes).  I SOMETIMES did an additional finisher that lasted 4 to 12 minutes.  Honestly I rarely did the extra day of work.  I was sore, I was tired and I just didn’t want to BUT I still saw amazing results.

The TT programs come with finishers built in but I bought Workout Finishers 2.0 from Certified Turbulence Trainer, Mike Whitfield.

Don’t have a “home gym” setup?  You can get the same results using Home Workout Revolution instead.  It’s all body weight and literally can be done anywhere.

These programs are PDF downloads with follow along VIDEO.  The videos are awesome in that you follow along with the trainer as they’re doing the workout.  They give tips for proper form and substitutions if you don’t have that particular equipment of if you physically can’t perform a certain exercise.  You both workout in real time and I LOVED it.

Diet: I can never chose a single diet plan to follow but the one thing I have found that works for me 100% is intermittent fasting (IF).  It just works for me.    There are many plans you can follow but the basics of IF is that you allow your body a period of time to be in a fasted state – this means NO CALORIES or food.  You can do 24 hour fasts or 12 to 18 hour fasts.  You may have to work to see what is best for you and your body.  I jump between a 24 hour fast and a daily 16 hour fast depending on my mood and my goals.

I also utilize a “Free Day or Cheat Day” concept where once a week I eat whatever I want, I do mean WHATEVER.

I eat mostly whole, real food similar to Paleo or Primal but not strict at all.  I eat lots of protein, mostly grass fed beef right now because that’s what I have, lots of veggies, yummy starchy carbs INCLUDING white potatoes and rice, fruit of all kinds.  I rarely drink my calories unless it’s a protein shake.  I will eat wheat and grains just not often.

Here are some resources for fasting and cheating 🙂

Eat Stop Eat has the most comprehensive explanation and scientific data on IF’ing that I’ve found AND understand.  In a nutshell ESE is a 24 hour fasting plan. Example:  You eat dinner on Monday night, wake up and don’t eat again until dinner on Tuesday night.  24 hours BUT you never go a full day without food AND you’ve slept for at least (hopefully) 7 hours of your fast.

Feast Your Fat Away is another awesome IF plan.  Nate takes a slightly different approach where you eat less through the day, fasting between dinner and about noon the next day then Feast (have your largest meal) at your evening meal.

Cheat Your Way Thin has great info similar to the above plans, utilizing “Cheat Days”, which I did weekly.

Supplements Used:  So I tend to be a little on the thrifty side so spending money needlessly is something I try to avoid.  I used ONLY BioTrust Nutrition supplements.  They use all natural ingredients, quality stuff.  They also have a fab return policy if necessary.  Sometimes something just doesn’t do it for you, no problem BT will allow you to return it for up to a year.

Leptiburn hands down is my favorite.  It’s a fat burner with Leptiburn hormone support.  I didn’t plateau once in 12 weeks and maintained an average of 2.33 pounds lost every week.

I also used the Low Carb Protein Powder (blends AMAZING, not chalky at all and no hormones); IC-5 (Insulin support) and Absorbmax.

Equipment:  ValSlides  I LOVE my ValSlides (pink and green).  Not only do I love the ValSlide I also LOVE Valerie Waters and the programs she’s designed.  She creates long, lean, sexy bodies and is probably the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet.  Her Red Carpet Ready Club has been a long standing support system to me.

TRX  Highly versatile suspension training system.  Simply the coolest!!

I also have my adjustable bench, adjustable weights and a stability ball.  That’s it!!   No daily drive to the gym – woot woot!


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