Where to begin? Life is flying by

As quoted by a dear friend…”God is opening doors faster than I can fly through them”.  I have had so many doors fly open lately and wow, all I can say is WOW!!!Rumba Half Full

The easiest announcement is that I’m a finalist in the 19th Turbulence Transformation Contest, in the Pro Category.  My good friend and fellow Marine Mom, Robin Goins is also a finalist in the Over 40 Division.  I “coached” her a little bit and I’m so PROUD of her.  You can vote here:  Transformation Contest

The harder announcement is that I am leaving Cubanisimo Vineyards later this week.  I have been the Operations and Marketing Manager for over 3 years and leaving feels a little like leaving home, it will be bittersweet for sure.

Drumroll Please:  I’m leaving  the vineyard for a position at BioTrust Nutrition.  I will be the Direct Response Retail Marketing Manager.  It’s a terrific promotion AND I get to telecommute which will be AWESOME!!!

Ever since I won the Turbulence Training and BioTrust Transformations Contests back in December I felt like God was leading me in a new direction, one within the health and fitness genre.  I had no idea how or when it would come about, I just knew it wouldn’t be as a personal trainer.  This came about so suddenly that it was clearly a gift from God.  I found out about the position on April 1st (April Fools Day – nice!!), I interviewed on 4/4 and 4/7, was offered the position on 4/8 and I start on the 28th.  It’s been a whirlwind as I had to hire my replacement and begin training her this week.  I’l have about 1 business day off between positions.  I’ll be starting on Monday and then fly to San Diego on Tuesday – whirlwind….

I’m so super excited for this opportunity and can not wait to see where God is leading me.