Help! I have Diet Plan ADD

Well if you know me or you’ve read my blog you’ll see thatI have Diet Plan ADD.  I just can’t choose one…and you know what?  I’m OK with that.  Life is to be lived and that doesn’t mean fitting into a “Plan” for me.  I’m happy choosing a different plan every couple of weeks, as long as my calories are in check then I’m good to go.

With that being said I’ve stumbled across a diet plan that is pretty cool because it’s a) doable, 2) easy to follow & 3) has a pick and choose meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I love that it’s not so highly structured and allows the person to make their own choices.  In my opinion, this is how you learn to make the healthy choices you need to have any sustainable weight loss.  Diet plan that include eating pre-packaged meals out of boxes are not sustainable let alone healthy.

Shawna Kaminski is a mom, over 50 years old and has the most ripped abs I’ve ever seen and she’s pretty cool too. Check out her eating plan called The 21 Day Challenge.  The challenge her is with yourself, challenging yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.  Her Facebook page is on fire and she’s there to answer questions on a daily basis – very interactive and helpful.

Check it out if you’re looking for a plan that easy to follow and right on target for fat loss.



Another week, another diet plan. I’m a Venus

I know, I know…I’m a crazy workout/diet plan lady and I can’t help it!!!  It’s a sickness I tell ya!!

After ditching Extreme Fat Loss I decided to begin using the Venus Index, I mean who doesn’t want to be a Greek Goddess??

I’m on day 2 as yesterday became a quick decision day 1.  I was already fasting for the day spit made it easy to get on board.  I love the simplicity of the program.  Al you do is find your “Venus Index” (theres and easy, done for you calculator when you buy the program).  This calculator, called the Virtual Nutritionist is kind of cool.   You enter your measurements, age and activity level in and it spits out thing like the “perfect” Venus measurements for your body as well as deficit and maintenance calories.   There are calorie cycling days but no counting macros, no remembering if this was supposed to be a protein carb meal or a protein fat meal and what constitutes a protein fat meal anyway?

It’s really super simple, calories count – period!!  They say you don’t have to count calories BUT I do lol.  I count everything.  Now once I lose this last 9 pounds I won’t stress too much but in the meantime.

The Venus Factor has a really amazing forum with tons of active ladies and even more information, but again it’s the simplicity of the plan that appeals to me.

There is a workout component to the plan but I’ve only glanced at it.  I’m perfectly happy with the Turbulence Training workouts and I’m still seeing great results.

So what is my Venus Index?  That “perfect” hourglass shape?

Index Ideal

Weight Range 128 – 155 pounds

Shoulders  42.65″

Waist  26.36″

Hip Range 37″ – 40″

My Current Stats

Weight Range 144  (in range although I’d like 135)

Shoulders  40.75 (need to gain about 2″)

Waist  28.50 (Need to lose about 2″)

Hip Range 37.75 (in range, wouldn’t mind a couple of inches of lute growth)



Follow up on Day 1

So how’d it go you’re asking?

So far so good.  Workout ROCKED, time to amp up to the next level though, the beginner workouts aren’t easy but easy enough to move forward.

FOOD:  I need veggies in my diet!!! But my water intake was exactly 80 oz and I drank about 24 oz of unsweetened ice tea.

12:30 apple and 2 string cheese sticks

1:30 banana

3:30 Protein shake with spinach & berries (I drank about half, it was nasty)

6:00 2 hard boiled eggs

7:30 Chicken tortilla soup with a little cheese, low fat sour cream & half an avocado

OMGosh – I took my before pictures and they are HIDEOUS – ungh!

Bi-Polar Fitnessista??

No, I’m not really bi-polar, not in the medical sense anyway.  What I am is a chronic dieter, exerciser, “don’t care anymore”, “I’m FAT”, lose the weight, regain it, fitness freak.

I kid you not, I have tried everything (except colonics’) to get in shape, lose the weight, find a long term solution.

My fitness bi-polar-ness began way back in 1984 with my first gym membership. This was the time of leotards, tights, leg warmers and LA Gear hightops (yes I wore a thong leotard over my tights).  I was the Nautilus Queen and I was hot at 14 years old with minimal bodyfat.  I joined the gym simply because Eileen Ford, the Modeling Agency, said I needed to lose 15 pounds “at least” if I ever wanted to pursue a modeling career.  I was 5’9″ and 125 pounds.   WTF?!?!?  So began my love hate relationship with all things fitness.

In 2004 I found Bill Phillips and Body for Life and finally found a “reasonable” approach to weight loss and fitness…I thought.  Over the course of the next 9 years I have still managed to lose a little, gain a little, lose a few more, gain a few more PLUS back, lose and gain over and over again.

I can talk “shop” with the best of them.  I know exactly what to do, what to eat, when to eat it and when to do it and I can tell YOU exactly how to get in the best shape of your life, I just don’t follow my own advise. I maniacally work out, eat insane foods (Paleo, No Gluten, Watermelon Diet, Super Dieter’s Tea, high protein/low carb, high carb/low protein, intermittent fasting (Eat Stop Eat or 4 Hour Body version, etc).  Then I stop…for weeks…sometimes months…because I don’t care (but really I do).

I’ve followed BFL, Turbulence Training, Red Carpet Ready with Valerie Waters, Body of Fire with Chad Waterbury, Home Kickboxing Revolution and they are all AMAZING programs.  I’m particularly fond of both Valerie Waters and herValSlide as well as Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training, those are always the programs I fall back on because they WORK!

But even that hasn’t stopped my yo-yoing.

So the purpose of this blog is accountability and ventability.

Oh and that modeling career…I never lost the 15 pounds so I became a swimsuit and lingerie model instead :-D, that was I could still eat!