New Year and Two New Challenges

2014 is bringing many changes to my life – many aren’t definable yet.  What does that mean?  Well I feel a change in the air and I have a “guess” where it may be leading me but I’m not quite ready to say.

With my recent successes in the “Transformation” areas of fitness I wonder if I’m being led in that direction.  Shrugging my shoulders since I’m not 100% sure.  Prayer and education are in my plans for the immediate future.

Also in those plans are two more Transformation Contests.  Turbulence Training has opened up a new category that includes “Pros” (people who have previously won a contest) and BioTrust is having a 2nd transformation contest.  I’m not sure what their rules are but I figure I’ll throw myself into the contest again and see just how many visible abs I can come up with.

Goals – Goals this time around are a little less clear.  I hit most of my goals in December so this is a bit of a stretch.

In the next 12 weeks I plan to hit these goals.

1) Commit, FINISH and Place in both contests…AGAIN!  This will force me to work much harder than last time around.  Since I’m leaner than I was I’m going to have to work my butt off to show a visible transformation.

2) Have a 26″waist

3) Show increased glute growth.  I can’t set a number to this.  I “may” be hampered by genetics since flat a$$es run in my family.  I would like to have a higher behind that is visibly rounder and stronger.

4) Show increased shoulder growth.

5) See my abs…

6) To complete 5 full pullups and make it through the workouts doing regular pushups.


1) Continue to follow the Turbulence Training protocol and workouts.  3 days a week for 30 minutes.  I’ll add in 1 day a week of finishers.

2) Eat my stinking vegetables, every day.

3) Use Eat Stop Eat as my primary diet aid.

4) Drink water, lots of it.

Time to clean up the diet again and ditch the insane number of “wheat” carbs I’ve been eating since Christmas.  Once I’ve kicked the flu completely I’m hitting this thing and hitting it hard.