Re-visiting Gratitude


It’s been a bit more of a challenge to come up with my daily gratitudes since my lay off notice came down last week.  A challenge, but not impossible (I did wake up this morning so I always have that to fall back on). I am nothing if not resilient so here is one for every day of the month plus an extra for good measure.

1) In the process of job searching and networking I’m re-connecting with people I haven’t spoken with in more time than I’d like.  It’s always a blessing getting in touch with old friends.

2) I switched my cell service over to Verizon last week, (yes I gave up the coveted AT&T Unlimited Data Plan – gasp).  Two days after I switched they came out with an offer of $150 credit for each new line transfered over. After some wrangling Verizon gave me the credit on the two lines I opened – YAY!!

3) Employment agreements – a small clause in mine has given me an additional 60 days notice. I credit this all to God, I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t supposed to have that particular agreement.

4) My Marine garden gnome – LOVE him.  He represents my son who is currently serving and back on US soil and also represents a commitment made and achieved.

5) My Precious – errr – I mean my iPhone 6 Plus.





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