Gratitude Journal – Ack!

OK, I really get uncomfortable with “gratitude” journals.  The end result is always great but I feel like a little kid being forced to be grateful for what I have.  It’s like when your mother tells you to clean your plate because there are starving Pygmys in New Guinea – it just make my hackles rise a bit and brings out the rebellious teenager.

With that being said I’ve committed to 30 days of “Gratitude”.  It’s probably pretty good timing since I’ve been a bit of a SNOT around the house lately.  I’m sure the boys would appreciate an attitude change from me.

Without further adieu:photo

1) I’m so GRATEFUL for my job and that I get to work from home;

2) I’m so GRATEFUL I don’t have to drive to work…or anywhere…in the FOG.  It is FOG-tober in the Willamette Valley;

3) I’m Grateful that I have an understanding husband who mostly puts up and even supports my “weirdness”.



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