Opps…it happened again.

We are well Silver Falls.jpginto fall, I’ve had my new job for almost 6 months and I still pinch myself, yep it’s real.  I LOVE my job but I’m finding that I spend all my time on it.  I have all but given up working out and food was so much simpler when I didn’t work at home, if I didn’t take it with me then I didn’t eat it – simple!

So over the past few months I’ve packed on a handful of pounds, about 5-7, that I’d like to shed again.  I’m bummed and embarrassed about it but glad that I’m catching it before it becomes TWO handfuls of pounds to lose.

I thought it would be easy working from home, and it is in many ways. The fact that I no longer have a 50 mile a day round trip is so AWESOME. I thought it would free me up some – ha!!!  I’m busier now than I used to be and getting me to leave the house for any reason is almost impossible.

Juggling work and family didn’t get any easier and I still put myself last behind the two.  I decided that needs to stop.  I need to take at least 30-45 minutes a day for just me.

Starting tomorrow I will begin to schedule “me” time.  I will get out of my head for a little each day and work towards de-stressing a bit through physical activity.

I do look forward to the day where this is all on autopilot.  I’ll have my workouts dialed in, my food will be good and I’ll be a peaceful, contented, confident person…until then…well I’ll just keep plugging away and keep trying.  Practice makes perfect.

On a positive note: I went for a mini hike with all my boys, 6 miles and about 6 waterfalls – that was good for the soul.  I need to work more of those days into my life.


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