Four Week Jump Start to Thanksgiving

1545673_10205461169034016_7112035102851010736_nI don’t know about you but I DO NOT want to gain weight over the holidays and I refuse to start 2015 weighing more than I did in 2014.  With that in mind here are the steps I’m taking to get things under control BEFORE the holidays get here:

1) Joined and wagered $30 that I could close 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

2) Following Neghar Fonooni and her #fallfreedom challenge for added inspiration and support,

3) Following my favorite ladies at the Red Carpet Ready Club Facebook page for support, love and inspiration. I’ve been with Valerie and her girls since the inception of the club in 2008 and we are family;

4) Eating intentionally for NUTRITION not for “dieting”.  I will eat foods that will nourish my body;

5) I will schedule my workout time daily and consider it an appointment that can’t be missed, kind of like a hair appointment, I would NEVER miss one of those.

What steps will you take?


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