Help! I have Diet Plan ADD

Well if you know me or you’ve read my blog you’ll see thatI have Diet Plan ADD.  I just can’t choose one…and you know what?  I’m OK with that.  Life is to be lived and that doesn’t mean fitting into a “Plan” for me.  I’m happy choosing a different plan every couple of weeks, as long as my calories are in check then I’m good to go.

With that being said I’ve stumbled across a diet plan that is pretty cool because it’s a) doable, 2) easy to follow & 3) has a pick and choose meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I love that it’s not so highly structured and allows the person to make their own choices.  In my opinion, this is how you learn to make the healthy choices you need to have any sustainable weight loss.  Diet plan that include eating pre-packaged meals out of boxes are not sustainable let alone healthy.

Shawna Kaminski is a mom, over 50 years old and has the most ripped abs I’ve ever seen and she’s pretty cool too. Check out her eating plan called The 21 Day Challenge.  The challenge her is with yourself, challenging yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.  Her Facebook page is on fire and she’s there to answer questions on a daily basis – very interactive and helpful.

Check it out if you’re looking for a plan that easy to follow and right on target for fat loss.



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