Inspiring?? ME?!?!?!



I woke up this morning to a wonderful message on Facebook about ME being a inspiration:

I just have to share with you Jenelle. You really inspired me to change my eating and exercise ways. I’m 5’11 and can usually “hide” my weight, well I was hating the way I felt, the way my clothes were fitting and the way I felt in general. I started a program in January, Advocare It was a 24 Day Challenge. I have never slept better, felt better, love the way my clothes are feeling, etc. It’s been really easy and I don’t miss a thing about what I was eating (or drinking) before. I’ve lost 21 pounds and I’m shooting for up to 15 more. I’ve added T25 Exercise too! Feeling great, so thank you!

When I started this particular journey 5 months ago I started it so “I” would look and feel better.  I didn’t expect to become and “inspiration”.  I though maybe my family would jump on board but that’s about it.

I’m flattered but also feeling a little like Peter Parker about now “with great power comes great responsibility”.  I’m humbled by the praise and hope to continue this path I’m on, to continue inspiring.


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