Extreme Fat Loss Round 2

I completed 10 days of XFLD with pretty good adherence although I was a little heavy on the nut butter. I lost a grand total of TWO POUNDS.

I’ve decided to jump ship and return to my regularly scheduled programming, I didn’t arrive at this decision lightly and had a fabulous epiphany in the process.

Why am I doing ALL of this? What’s the point of working out and eating right? For me this is a multi-faceted answer, especially since I have so little “weight” left to loose.

Quality of life is the first thing I think of. I’ll admit it, at this point in my life first and foremost, I want to look good & I want to feel good both mentally and physically. I want to be healthy and happy and all that stuff. Working out gives me peace of mind and calms me down. Eating more healthy than not healthy gives me energy and vitality.

I first have to ask myself WHY I was doing such and extreme diet with, at best 7 to 8 pounds to lose, and those pounds are an “experiment” to me, to see if I can get a 6 pack for a second. I have no great answer except to see if I could. Then I have to ask myself that that was the best decision I could make. The resounding answer for where I am right now is NO!

These past 10 days my workouts have suffered, I’m holding back since I know I don’t have a “day off”. 10 days in a row of pretty hardcore workouts have caused a chronic pain in my SI joint/sacrum (used to date a chiropractor lol).

The diet is wrecking havoc with me emotionally, especially while PMS’ing (my poor, poor family). I have enormous willpower…until I don’t and I’m about a day away from a major binge. I can’t sleep beyond 6 hours and that is SO not me, I’m an 8-9 hour a nighter. I have ZERO sex drive and I do mean NONE.

So I’m bailing and while I feel a little bit bad for not finishing I’m totally OK knowing I made the best decision for my body, soul, health, mind and marriage. One of the benefits of trying and failing so many times in the past if that I really understand my body and it’s triggers and this has set me up for a monster trigger.


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