Another week, another diet plan. I’m a Venus

I know, I know…I’m a crazy workout/diet plan lady and I can’t help it!!!  It’s a sickness I tell ya!!

venus-index-mobile-1-l-124x124After ditching Extreme Fat Loss I decided to begin using the Venus Index, I mean who doesn’t want to be a Greek Goddess??

I’m on day 2 as yesterday became a quick decision day 1.  I was already fasting for the day spit made it easy to get on board.  I love the simplicity of the program.  Al you do is find your “Venus Index” (theres and easy, done for you calculator when you buy the program).  This calculator, called the Virtual Nutritionist is kind of cool.   You enter your measurements, age and activity level in and it spits out thing like the “perfect” Venus measurements for your body as well as deficit and maintenance calories.   There are calorie cycling days but no counting macros, no remembering if this was supposed to be a protein carb meal or a protein fat meal and what constitutes a protein fat meal anyway?

It’s really super simple, calories count – period!!  They say you don’t have to count calories BUT I do lol.  I count everything.  Now once I lose this last 9 pounds I won’t stress too much but in the meantime.

The Venus Factor has a really amazing forum with tons of active ladies and even more information, but again it’s the simplicity of the plan that appeals to me.

There is a workout component to the plan but I’ve only glanced at it.  I’m perfectly happy with the Turbulence Training workouts and I’m still seeing great results.

So what is my Venus Index?  That “perfect” hourglass shape?

Index Ideal

Weight Range 128 – 155 pounds

Shoulders  42.65″

Waist  26.36″

Hip Range 37″ – 40″

My Current Stats

Weight Range 144  (in range although I’d like 135)

Shoulders  40.75 (need to gain about 2″)

Waist  28.50 (Need to lose about 2″)

Hip Range 37.75 (in range, wouldn’t mind a couple of inches of lute growth)




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