Week 12 and I am done

Time just keeps flying.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 weeks, an extremely successful 12 weeks at that.

I lost a total of 28 pounds and37.5 inches between 9/16/13 and 12/7/13, a full 12 weeks.

Here’s the essay I submitted to the Turbulence Training contest.

I entered the 18th TT Contest with two goals 1) FINSIH and 2) WIN. I have “entered” this contest so many times in the past only to have petered out about 4 weeks in. Each time that I didn’t finish was yet another blow to my self-esteem. Thoughts like “you’re lazy”, “you’re weak” moved onto “there’ll be another contest that I can enter, I don’t have to finish this one”, to eventually “well I can’t outgrow my shoes…” as I continued to outgrow everything else. Every time I quit I just reinforced to myself that I was a failure and proceeded to put even on more weight.

I’ve owned TT since 2005, so I am familiar enough with the program but trying to keep the manual timing of the super sets and rest periods was too much “work”. Im not vey tech savvy and setting my tabata timer took too much time and effort. Then TT 2.0 came out on VIDEO and I was saved. Simply having a LOUD timer set to the specific workout was amazing but being able to gauge my timing by following the trainers in the videos AND being DONE in 30 minutes really took me to the next level. The workouts were tough, fast paced and motivating. There was cursing, there were light headed moments and there was more sweat than I can ever recall sweating but there were also real results, really fast and really sustainable. Seriously it was an hour and a half out of my life each week. And there was NO cardio (I really, really hate cardio). Anyone want to buy a Spinner bike? Cheap?

I began this Transformation with my goals set and intentions made on how I was going to get there and NOTHING was going to stop me from finishing this challenge, including the sudden death of my best friend in week 7 at age 41. Her death has only increased my motivation to continue this lifestyle and preserve my own health.

Diet: Before 9/16/13 I was eating out daily, usually at the local Mexican joint, would drink 2-3 sodas and would inhale a trick or treat size bag of peanut butter cups each day, then make a great dinner and eat with my family. My portions were out of control as was my sugar consumption. I had no problem cooking breakfast and lunch for my family then racing out the door to go eat fast food. I didnt bother to take the time to care for ME.

After 9/16/13 – Initially eating was a struggle in that I wouldn’t eat enough plus I actually had to PLAN my meals, DAILY. I started following a 16/8 intermittent fasting (IF) schedule, that didnt work well for me. I spent about 5 weeks tweaking my eating plan, moving calories up and down, trying different IF schedules to see what worked best and I found that eating real “whole” food, utilizing a 24 hour fast
once or twice a week and the Free Day concept worked best for me. I keep BioTrust protein powder and cookies on hand at work for days I dont plan so well and for emergencies. I work out in a fasted state and broke my fast around 11:30 am. I don’t eat wheat or processed sugar, except for free day. I’m having a blast playing with food now, trying food I would have never considered in the past (turnips anyone?) . It was pointed out to me that I don’t even THINK about Taco Bell anymore (I ate there 2-3 times a day for at least 10 years), this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. In a nutshell I eat real food and not too much. I drank no calories and allowed a treat here and there.

Programs Followed
TT 2.0 Beginner 1 week , TT 2.0 Intermediate – 4 weeks, TT 2.0 2K3 3 weeks, TT 2.0 BDHC 4 weeks

I did the TT programs as written for 12 weeks with one day of finishers added each week for approx. 10- 12 minutes and one day of light yoga or stretching. I work out at my house with a bench, adjustable dumbbells, my ball, TRX and ValSlides. Other than going to work I didnt do the recommended 30 minutes activity on the other 2 days.

This is probably an unpopular thing to say but when I entered this contest I entered to win. All my goals and all of my intentions have kept me moving in that direction. I made a decision and I followed through with it. When I wanted to cheat I remembered that I wanted to win much more. I talk like I’m a winner, I have interacted with my friends and social/ media peeps as a winner, etc .In the past I never really believed in the power of words and beliefs…until now!! Winning is so much more than the money, that’s nice but will be gone pretty fast. Winning is knowing I’ve kept my self promises, it’s knowing I finally put myself first for a change, making me a better wife, mom and grandma. Winning is validation that I can finally trust myself to finish what I started and to believe that I really can do anything. If I could impart any wisdom it would be to not scoff at those that say to set a goal, write your intentions, make a plan and then have a back up plan and above all BELIEVE in YOURSELF. I used to see this quote all the time and thought it was bunk but maybe there is something to it. If you can believe it, the BODY can achieve it. (The actual quote says mind not body, this just fits better).

I have accomplished SO much in these last 12 weeks but the best thing overall is when I walk past my husband (in various forms of clothing…or not), I can hear him say “wow” under his breath. Weve been married for 16 years and he saying WOW! (giggle, snort, cough).


Total Weight Lost 28 pounds Total Inches Lost 37.5 overall 


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