Thoughts and re-cap of the past 12 weeks

This is going to be a bit of a re-cap as I decompress from the 12 week contest as such it’s going to be a work in progress as different things hit me or as questions are asked.  Check back over the next few days to see the progress 😉

First things first – I had a wonderful, although rather fast photo shoot, on 12/7 at my property.  I spent the morning buffing and shaving, showering then running to get my hair and makeup done – in the snow and ice.  A storm had come in the day prior and dumped enough of the white stuff to make me a nervous Nelly.  After flipping the truck this past January on ice I’ve a new found respect for the weather and even more Winter Wussiness (It’s gonna be a LONG winter if Barry has to drive me to work everyday).

Everything went great “in town”.  We made it back with time to spare.  We had made arrangements with the photographer, Mandy, to use our data card for the pics so I could have them immediately.  Well our cards didn’t match, back to town her husband went to pick up another card (an hour delay – sigh).  It’s coming up at about 3:30 at this point and daylight was fading fast.  We snapped the pics inside the cabin rather fast then headed outside to take some snow pics near the creek.  Fun but FREEZING as it wasn’t even 20 degrees outside.

The past 12 weeks (13 now lol) went really, really fast as I lok back.  Funny thing is my head was just so “in the game” that it didn’t seem hard.  I suppose my smily would disagree with that ;-).   I had such a solid plan a d a clear call of action that there were no real slip ups.  I had treats and way too much peanut butter but they were generally planned.  I


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