Time is flying – Week 7 or is it 8?

I think it’s week 8!!  This challenge ends on December 9th so just under 5 weeks left.

Time flies when you’re having fun…or not having fun as it was.  I finished my carb depletion and it was awesome to be able to eat again.  The results were great too. 

The last two weeks are kind of a fog for me.  I received a phone call the afternoon of Oct. 22 that one of my very best friends was in the hospital and it was critical.  In the early morning hours of October 28th she passed away at 41 years old leaving 4 children, her parents and a slew for friends mourning her.   I kept all my workouts and eating habits intact during this uncertain time.  On Halloween Day I was on an airplane heading to Nashville.  I woke up extra early to get a workout in prior to traveling.  Travel days are weird for me as I HATE to fly and have had pretty bad airsickness on prior flights.  I ALWAYS travel with sourdough pretzels for take offs and landings.  I had a total of TEN take offs and landings over 4 days, that’s A LOT of pretzels and sodium and very little water.  My meals weren’t super terrible but fresh produce and Nashville don’t exactly go hand in hand.  And of course my water intake was almost non-existent although I kept Starbucks in business buying “unsweetened” ice tea (it’s the South and I had to specify).

So I’m back now as of Sunday night (11/3) with exactly 5 weeks left of the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.  Other than being pretty bloated the 4 days didn’t hurt me badly, I missed a workout but walked a ton.

Monday 11/4

Workout:  TT 2K3 A

Water 120 oz

Food – all  clean and low carb to help purge the bloat

Tuesday 11/5


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