What happened to Week 4?

Week 4…well it happened, I just didn’t post.  I’ve been sick and really busy, work kind of takes precedence.  I also needed some time to process where I was going to take my diet.

I’ve added back in more calories, I was restricting too much and combined with IF’ing kind of started to screw up my metabolism, luckily I caught it in time.

With not feeling well I also decided to listen to my body, I cut back on the intensity of my workouts over the week but was right back at it on Sunday Oct. 13th.

On to a new week with a new diet plan…but that’s a different post.

On a very positive note my results have been fantastic.


Sept 16th

Weight – 169
Neck 13.25
Arms R – 12.5  L – 12.5
Bust 41
Waist 33
Gut 40.5
Hips 41.75
Thighs R – 26  L – 25.75
Calves R – 14.75  L – 15

Oct 14th 
Weight – 159   down 10#
Neck 13.00  down .25″
Arms R – 11.5  L – 11.5   down 2.00″ total
Bust 40.50   down .50″
Waist 30.25   down 2.75″
Gut 35.5   down 5.00″
Hips 40.25   down 1.50″
Thighs R – 24  L – 24.5  down 3.25″ total
Calves R – 14.50  L – 14.75 down .50″ total

That’s a total of 15.75″ and 10 pounds

Taking those numbers into week 5 is a HUGE motivation booster.


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