Week 3…here’s where I start to lose interest

Week 3 is when I start to go downhill, fast.  I ‘ve lost a little weight, the clothes are fitting better and I decide I’m really working out hard and can loosen up a little on the diet.  But not this time!!!  I will push past this to the coveted 21 day mark.  21 days is how long it takes to solidify a new routine so…

Halloween is in a few weeks and I have a work party to attend. I have this killer costume I bought 2 years ago that hasn’t really fit (midriff baring).  If I stay focused I think I may be able to pull off that costume this year. I have just under 4 weeks until the party.

Monday  September 30

TT 2.0 Intermediate A.  I think this is the toughest of the Intermediate workouts, lots of glute and hamstring work that makes me go “ouch”!!
1:30 Chicken Veggie Soup
4:00 Justin almond butter and an apple
7:00 Spaghetti sauce over shaved zucchini and 1/2 cup angel hair.   Trying to avoid wheat products during the week but my son wasn’t feeling well and got the left over soup.  I added the zucchini to veggie it up and lessen the pasta.
Sometime later – I spoonful of Skippy 

Somewhere between 56 and 64, lost count

Calories 1156

Tuesday October 1st

Got a bit of a bonus today.  I placed an order last week for Biotrust’s Leptiburn and Protein Cookies.  I received both of those PLUS 2 tubs of protein (a $100+ mistake from Biotrust).  I called them to let them know and ask if they wanted to send me a return label so I could send it back but they told me to keep it (HAPPY DANCE!!!)  Of course they probably couldn’t re-sell it but still.  I already had 2 tubs so this will take me through the end of the year with protein and through the Biotrust contest allowing me to buy more Leptiburn WOO HOO.  And from a consumer standpoint I’m amazed they let me keep the product and didn’t try and “sell ” it to me.  I was only charged for what I ordered.  They seem to be a very reputable company. 

WorkoutOff day following the TT protocol 

I got my Leptiburn today and took the first does at 2:00pm.  I’m jittery and caffeinated.
3:15 Big A$$ Salad with tuna, tomatoes, avocado, 1 egg, broccoli and EVOO with balsamic
7:15  Spaghetti sauce over 1/2 cup angel hair and 1 cup shaved zuchhini

80 oz

Calories approx 1026

Wednesday October 2nd

And today is where I set myself up for failure.  I didn’t plan therefore I really didn’t eat.  A fast day is ok if my calories are good the rest of the week but they weren’t and I fasted for about 23 hours.  This = BAD!

WorkoutTT2.0 Intermediate B

6:00 2 oz turkey with 1/4 avocado (shoved into my mouth with both hands while shaking like a leaf)

7:00 PM  Bowl and a half of Taco soup, 1 oz cheese and 1 tbsp sour cream with 3 tortilla chips

80 oz

Calories approx 554

Thursday October 3rd

Total meltdown today.  I couldn’t sleep at all (low calories anyone?)  I woke up at 3:15am and that was it. I should have gotten up and had a banana or something. I decided to add about 200 extra calories to my meals today.  I need to make a deliberate attempt to eat more than I have been.  It’s possible that the intermittant fasting is screwing with my hormones so I need to play with it.  I did NOT eat the ice cream that I so desperately wanted last night

On a positive note I’m down to 159 and lost 14″ so…


7:00am  Banana
12:30  Bowl of Taco soup
2:00 2 oz Boarshead turkey with 1/2 avocado
4:30 Apple and PB
7:00 Bag a$$ taco salad with lettuce, taco beef using our grass fed beef, 1 oz cheese, 2 tbsp sour cream, salsa

64 oz

Calories approx 1200

Friday October 4th

Took two benedryl last night and finally slept well but I woke up with little energy and starving.  I attempted a workout but threw in the towel after 15 minutes.  I just didn’t have it in me.  I did prepare well for my meals today so that’s a plus 😉  I’ll figure out this whole energy expenditure vs calorie requirement thing yet.

Workout15 mins of TT 2.0 Intermediate C

10:15  Banana
12:50 leftover taco soup



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