Week 2 of TT 2.0 & Bio Trust Contest

Monday 9/23 weight: 164  a solid 5 pound loss since day 1.  (yes it was a few pounds lower yesterday before my feast :- /)

Monday 9/23

It’s another rainy Oregon day, the first of many  since it’s only the end of September and fall is clearly here – boo!!’

 I did the first of the TT 2.0 Intermediate workouts today.  It was tough, a TON of push ups and my wrist doesn’t like pushups.  I did most of them on my knees even though I can easily pump out 10 “guy” pushups at a time, just not in the quantity required on the program.  Overall a great workout.  I only did 1 set of the X-body mountain climbers in the finisher but feel like my progression from Beginner was worthy.  The beginner workouts were tough enough but not as hard as I feel it should have been, I guess this is a credit to me, like perhaps my fitness level is better than I thought.  Prior to starting the contest I spent 2 weeks doing the Home Kickboxing Revolution (great bodyweight program BTW) and 1 week of the TT 2.0 beginner program.

I LOVE soup, stews and chili so you’ll be seeing quite a few of those meals since the weather is agreeable to them.  The only good thing about the Pacific Northwest Fall, Winter and Spring – SOUP!

1:00 Chicken & veggie soup (leftover from Sat)
4:00 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 baby carrot
6:15 1 tablespoon PB
7:15 Chicken and Veggie soup plus 3 bites of the leftover baked potato soup

80 oz

Calories 836 – that seems low but I wasn’t hungry, chances are I’m under estimating to some degree anyway but at least I have a better idea of how much I’m eating.

Tuesday 9/24

Woot – woot – 163 pounds this morning AND 3 inches off my waist.

I’m wearing boots – double boo for the fall. I could live in flip flops and be happy.

On another note I’ve finally decided to enter yet another Transformation Contest, luckily it’s running concurrent with the Turbulence Training one and they are separate products (workout and nutrition) so no conflict of interest.  BioTrust has some nice products as far as supplements go.  All organic and natural, definitely my type of supplement.  I typically don’t use supplements but…I purchased three tubs of protein earlier in the year that I haven’t used and they have these protein cookies that I’m dying to try.  Plus I keep seeing all these great dessert recipes using the Biotrust Low Carb protein powder, this is a great reason to try them out and stay on track with my nutrition.  Since nutrition is 90% of the equation in my journey I better hit it good.

Light stretching and foam rolling for my oh-so-sore behind and legs.  Yikes, yesterday’s workout did them in.  Sleep wasn’t so great, the soreness kept waking me up ;(

1:30 Leftover chicken and veggie soup (I’m hoping this just never runs out)
4:30 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple
6:00 3/4 table spoon of PB
7:15 Taco soup (ground beef, lots of beans, tomato sauce & fresh tomatoes) 1 oz cheese, 1 tablespoon light sour cream 

80 oz plus

Wednesday 9/25

Word of the day – OUCH!!!  My glutes and hammies are SORE from Monday’s workout.

 TT 2.0 Intermediate B – great workout, didn’t feel as hard as the A workout

Meals:  Haven’t been hungry so I haven’t been eating ๐Ÿ˜‰
1:45 The last of the chicken and veggie soup – I’m very sad since it was such an easy to pack lunch ;-( 
6:30 Hawaiian style teriyaki chicken, white rice and mac salad

Water: 80oz

Calories – About 1290, I over estimated on dinner so hopefully that means I’m right on

Thursday 9/26

Non-workout day, just worked and grocery shopped.

Meals:  Still not really hungry today
1:30 Trader Joe’s beet and chicken salad
4:30 Trader Joe’s Chocolate covered cocoa nibs (the whole container of 2 tablespoons)
7:00 Meat tomato based pasta sauce over spaghetti squash

Water: 80oz

Calories – 796 (??) this seems really low and I don’t “feel” like I’m not eating enough so I’m not sure what’s going on.  I wonder if I’m just underestimating horribly on calories.  I’m using Livestong, My Plate to calculate.

Thought I’d share.  I was eating a bag of these a day from July to August, calculates out to about 1710 calories a day in candy.  Coupled with my daily burrito of approx 600 calories and then dinner and a pepsi I was consuming about 3000 calories daily – yikes!

My mouth waters looking at the package – I’m hopeless.


Friday 9/27

TT 2.0 Intermediate C.  I was afraid this was going to be tough but I killed it and added on a finisher to boot ๐Ÿ˜‰

1:30 Homemade chicken and vegetable soup
5:15 Trader Joe’s Chocolate covered cocoa nibs (the whole container of 2 tablespoons)
6:30 Homemade chicken and vegetable soup
8:30 2 tsp of PB

Water: 80oz

Calories – 773 (still seems low but again I wasn’y hungry)

Saturday 9/28

No workout but it was my normal day off and I worked plus I danced some at my bosses birthday party

3:00 2 hard boiled eggs
I didn’t drink at all but ate more than I should have.  Pork loin, fingerling potatos, rice and beans a la Cuban style, croquette’s (deep fried) and flan.  I wasn’t stuffed by any means and had a really low calorie day otherwise AND I had no alcohol so…

Water: 50oz

Sunday 9/29

Week 2 weight was 162 – down 7 pounds
Interesting day.  This was my planned “free day”.  I woke up and the power went out shortly afterwards so there went my brownie plans for the day – huff.  I didn’t go overboard, especially after last night.  I had 1/2 a sandwich and some ships, 4 or 5 pieces of pizza (about 1/2 and I can eat a whole), a pepsi, a spoonful of PB and 1/2 a cup of Hagaan Daz ice cream oh and 1 left over brownie from last week.

Started my day with two 4 minute finishers and that was enough



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