Day we go

Day one of the Turbulence Training Transformation also coincides with day two of my monthly cycle (yippee!!!).  Feeling a little tired but I will push through.

Before I hit my workout I wanted to throw down some goals and intentions.

1) To place in the top 3 of the contest in the over 40 category
2) To see the scale read 150 or below on or before 12/9/13
3) To fit back in to my size 6 Gap jeans comfortably
4) Develop a visible 4 pack (is that not going far enough??  wimping out maybe??)

1) I will workout following the TT 2.0 program
2) I will add yoga to my routine at least 2 times per week for stretching and mobility
3) I will be following an intermittent fasting program that incorporates a “free day”
4) Vegetables!!  WILL Eat Them!
5) Water! Same as above
6) I will eat nutritionally dense foods 90% of the time

The biggest changes I’m making today:  No more daily burrito, no more daily bag of Peanut Butter Cups, no more daily Pepsi.  These changes to my diet alone should be worth an 8 pound loss at least lol.


Weight – 169
Neck 13.25
Arms R – 12.5  L – 12.5
Bust 41
Waist 33
Gut 40.5
Hips 41.75
Thighs R – 26  L – 25.75
Calves R – 14.75  L – 15

Body Fat: 33.63 according to Navy Calculator or 26.92 according to

Now funny enough I told my bosses yesterday that I planned on losing 20 pounds by December 9th and they both thought I’d be WAY to skinny. I’m 5’9″ and 150 pounds puts me solidly into a true size 8 and into a size 6 in Gap and a 4 in Old Navy (crazy!!).

Later in the day…Workout is complete.  I did the TT (Turbulence Training) 2.0 Beginner B workout and the finisher twice.  This is an improvement from last week although my pride still stings doing a “beginner” workout.  HOWEVER it’s getting easier and may be time to move on to the next level.

I’m planning on following an intermittent fasting program.  I typically don’t eat until later in the day so this is perfect.  Yes, it’s controversial, no I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t eat 6 mini meals a day.  !0 I don’t have time to prepare and clean up from food all day long and 2) it makes me food obsessed and that’s a very bad thing.

Planned Meals today

12:00 Biotrust Shake with almond milk, fruit and cacao
3:00 Biotrust Shake with almond milk & fruit –
5:00 Apple and string cheese
7:00 Chicken Tortilla Soup (no tortilla for me)


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